Training & Workshops


The process towards self-mastery is a journey. This process and journey can be likened to the process of alchemy where gold is retrieved from lead.  The purpose of life is to grow and to become the person who you authentically are, like an acorn who grows into an oak tree.  The process of self-mastery is a life-long adventure. Along this journey you learn to understand yourself, accept yourself and love yourself. As such this will help you to have meaningful experiences of love, abundance, and joy.

I offer an on-line course in self-mastery which is based on over twenty-five years of experience as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. This course is directed at the intra-personal (relationship with yourself), interpersonal (relating to others), professional and transpersonal aspects of your life. The transpersonal dimension of your humanness refers to that which goes beyond the ego-personality and where the soul and spirit-aspects of Self are aligned with various aspects and archetypal experiences of being human.

Embarking on this journey by doing the on-line course will expand your awareness and self-experience.  It requires commitment and the desire to embrace excellence and grace. Please contact me for details.

Workshops based on this unique course are regularly presented by Marleen.

Requests to present a workshop in your area are welcome.

Reiki training:

  • Reiki level I –  you will be able to offer simple yet effective reiki treatments on clients and animals, practice the reiki meditations and mindfulness exercises
  • Reiki level 2 – you will be able to practice a variety of very effective reiki treatments on clients, send absent healing (learning the ancient and sacred reiki symbols) and practice deep meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Reiki Masters; you will be able to practice as a reiki Master, offering treatments and teach Reiki (level 1, 2 and upon further tuition, also Reiki Masters). You will attain deep levels of spiritual practice and selfmastery and be able to live in the energy of reiki and practice the ideals of Reiki Yin Kei-Do.

Please contact Marleen for more information and costing.