Tarot Readings

“Tarot maps the Universe and all that is within its realm”  (Jacques Theron).   Tarot readings are offered to serve as pathways on the map of your life, exploring challenges, opportunities and life-lessons which come along your way. Marleen provides a service by using Tarot to explore your self and your world through readings. 

Life offers all the answers you may seek, the tarot helps to show a way towards self-mastery and well-being. A tarot reading can assist you in solving mundane problems as well as taking you deeper into your  personal and transpersonal journey.

Readings are done for individuals and couples or other relationship constellations such as families, business partnerships etc.

Readings take place at Marleen’s consultation rooms in Cape Town, South Africa.

Skype readings are also available.

Marleen also offers tuition and workshops on Tarot.