Stonelove: Jewellery of Essence

2_DPP_0007I create pieces of jewellery to reflect life and the possibility of beauty and grace. I started to create pieces during a difficult time of my life, in order to assist my own process of healing and self-mastery. I wear my own pieces when I meditate, during sessions with clients and when I teach workshops, as the power of the vibration of the materials that I work with, have deep healing and restorative value.  Each piece that I create ( every piece is original and is not duplicated) embodies a journey of healing, truth and beauty.

A large variety of material is used in my work, including semi-and precious stones, crystals, bones, feathers, leather, shells, pearls, wood, glass, silver, copper and so forth. Every piece is made by hand, with reverence and joy. I strive for excellence in all aspects of my life and my work. Each piece is meticulously crafted in order to ensure quality in craftsmanship.

Stonelove pieces are currently available at La Residence in Franschoek, South Africa (021 876 4100) and O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa in Bantry Bay, South Africa (021 439 2081).

Personal pieces can be requested and ordered directly from Marleen at