Marleen is a Reiki Master in the tradition of Reiki Jin –Kei Do. Reiki means “transferring universal energy, or chi”.

Reiki is a way of life as much as it is a modality of healing. When working with reiki, one works with the universal energy field and with the human energy field. It is a very beautiful and very simple form of healing and way of life: it is based on loving kindness and compassion, being mindful and respectful. Reiki Jin -Kei Do is practiced in the form of various healing treatments ,meditations, mindfulness exercises and experiences.

The reiki ideals according to Reiki Jin –Kei Do;

Be mindful each moment of the day with all your effort, for the arising of anger.
Then look deeper for its true cause.

Be mindful each moment of the day for the arising of worry and restlessness.
Then looker deeper at their roots.

Be mindful each moment of the day. Appreciate the gift of life.
Find the right livelihood for yourself and be honest in your work.

Be mindful and practice daily, connect to the universal naure of the mind.
Your mind and body will be transformed with the power of reiki.

What Marleen offers :

Reiki treatments

Reiki training:

  • Reiki level I –  you will be able to offer simple yet effective reiki treatments on clients and animals, practice the reiki meditations and mindfulness exercises
  • Reiki level 2 – you will be able to practice a variety of very effective reiki treatments on clients, send absent healing (learning the ancient and sacred reiki symbols) and practice deep meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Reiki Masters; you will be able to practice as a reiki Master, offering treatments and teach Reiki (level 1, 2 and upon further tuition, also Reiki Masters). You will attain deep levels of spiritual practice and selfmastery and be able to live in the energy of reiki and practice the ideals of Reiki Yin Kei-Do.

Please contact Marleen for more information and costing.