Dr Marleen De Villiers
Registered Educational Psychologist (reg with HPCSA: PS 0036978)

Marleen qualified as an Educational Psychologist in 1993. She  completed her Phd-degree at the University of Stellenbosch. The focus of her doctoral studies is the the mother-daughter relationship and the transitional life-cycles of adolescence in girls and menopause in women.

Marleen provides psychotherapy at her private practice in Cape Town, South Africa. She works within a multidimensional therapeutic framework, making use of Jungian, Narrative, Transpersonal and Art therapeutic principles and practices. She is available for therapy with  adolescents, men, women, parents and couples in relationships. In addition to her psychoptherapeutic focus on selfmastery, Marleen specialises in the mother-daughter relationship, menopause in women and adolescent issues with girls. She has a keen interest in working with co-dependency, eating disorders and addictions, especially with women and adolescent girls.

Talking Teens: Adolescent Coaching Clinic has been created by Marleen to support adolescents and their parents, providing information, life skills, therapeutic intervention, workshops, courses and seminars related to the issues of adolescence.

Marleen regularly offers seminars, courses and workshops relating to self mastery, personal growth and wellbeing, life skills, relationship skills and communication skills. Regular workshops with the mother-daughter relationship and mothering are offered.

She is also available to facilitate workshops and courses upon request.

Marleen works with executives offering coaching to facilitate self-mastery and optimal wellbeing. Her work with executives are on an individual or group basis and can also be provided in the corporate environment. She offers this executive work internationally, thus working via email, Skype as well as telephonically.

Marleen offers medical aid benefits where applicable.