Executive Coaching

I offer transpersonal self-mastery in the form of executive coaching. Transpersonal in its most simplistic description refers to the dimension of our humanness which is beyond the ego, where the ego-personality is alchemically transmuted and a soul-centered identity of authenticity is experienced and expressed. The process of alchemy is the process of self-mastery. In order to truly transmute the difficulties and limitations imposed on the experience of self-mastery, it is essential to work with the following aspects of one’s relationship to Self , others and the external world (such as our professional or career-based worlds): the intra-personal dimension (my relationship with my self) interpersonal (relationships with others, including love relationships, parent-children relationships, friendships, social relationships etc and the professional aspect of our being.

What Marleen de Villiers offers in executive coaching:

As we progress further and deeper into the 21st century and an Age of a transforming consciousness, we need new paradigms for personal and collective development. We are awakening to new and evolving systems of leadership in all spheres of our lives. Leaders are instrumental in pioneering transformation. Leadership is changing, there is a growing need for leadership styles based on values and integrity. These changes need to develop from within in order to reflect outwardly.

People who live and work and lead (manage, coach, council, etc) from a strong centered sense of Self are people who are creative, innovative, inspired, productive, and inspirational. These are people who are motivated by the desire to fulfil their authentic purpose and to experience joy and meaning in making a significant contribution towards uplifting their own lives and the experiences of other human lives. These are the people who recognise others as Mirrors of themselves, taking responsibility for their own feelings, thought-patterns, behaviour and so on. These are the people who live in the present moment, seizing opportunities and creating the lives they desire.

Marleen facilitates this process for individuals or in groups, through training programmes developed by her self, having been practising these skills and techniques professionally and personally in private practice , workshops and courses. The benefits derived from investing in these programmes are many. Personal and professional development based on the principles of self-mastery have the capacity to reverberate extensively through-out our lives, impacting on the intra-personal, interpersonal and professional spheres of our lives.

Application: executive coaching, and leadership development and training could be facilitated in groups, teams or individually. The work can be done in person, at Marleen’s practice rooms (individually) at the office (companies) at locations for teambuilding and teamwork. All these programmes can be adjusted to suit the needs of the clients: presented in the form of workshops, courses, seminars, residential retreats or individually as will be determined upon contact. Marleen also works with clients on Skype.