Astrology Readings

You are able to access your life’s plan, your life’s purpose and your life’s work by having an astrology reading. It is possible to gain profound insight into your self and your own dynamics. In addition to this, Marleen is able to do the following types of readings:

Birth chart: the basic design and plan of your life, your strengths and challenges, questions relating to relationships, career, money, health and so forth. This is also an excellent tool for parental guidance, it assists parents in understanding their children regarding temperament, career choices, friends and social difficulties, behavioural difficulties, family relationships and so forth.

Composite readings: for relationships between partners in love, business, parents and children, marriages etc.  Family charts, events charts, and special requests are possible.

Karma and reincarnation: patterns and unresolved issues form previous incarnations can be seen, explored and understood in order to shift restrictions and limitations and be fully present and fulfilled in this life.

Long distance readings can be arranged and take place via Skype.  Written readings can be emailed to wherever you are .

For more information, enquiries, costing or bookings please contact Marleen.