House of Tamar: Healing in Truth and Beauty

Dr Marleen De Villiers has created House Of Tamar to serve as a container for her multidimensional practices as psychologist, healer, teacher and artist. Tamar is Marleen’s spiritual name. It’s meaning’ she who heals in truth and beauty’ has inspired her to combine her skills, qualifications and expertise to find a way in which she can best serve her passion and purpose of practicing and teaching psychotherapy and metaphysical healing.

House Of Tamar aims to serve the consciousness of Transpersonal self-mastery: the alchemical process of becoming who you are, reaching and living life in your fullest potential as an evolving human Being.

House Of Tamar offers a multi-dimensional therapeutic practice, as well as metaphysical training, courses, seminars and workshops. House Of Tamar is also the custodian of Stonelove: jewelry of essence. The jewelry is designed and created by Marleen.

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Training & Workshops


Marleen regularly offers seminars, courses and workshops relating to self mastery, personal growth and wellbeing, life skills, relationship skills and communication skills. House of Tamar offers an on-line course in Self Mastery as well as regular workshops. Reiki Training for Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Masters is also available. Hand-crafted pieces of jewellery created to reflect life and the possibility of beauty and grace. Each piece embodies a journey of healing, truth and beauty.